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Tag category H_exch_protection_factor_list

Key tags (columns):

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Tags in table H_exch_protection_factor_list:

TagDescriptiondata typeMandatory
Data_file_nameThe name of the file submitted with this depostion that contains the quantitative data for this saveframe.line 
DetailsText describing the reported hydrogen exchange protection factors.text 
Entry_IDPointer to '_Entry.ID'codeyes
IDAn integer value that uniquely identifies this saveframe of hydrogen exchange protection factor data from other saveframes of this category in an entry.intyes
Sample_condition_list_IDPointer to '_Sample_condition_list.ID'intyes
Sample_condition_list_labelThe label for the set of experimental sample conditions used to collect the data for determination of the H-exchange protection factors.framecodeyes
Sf_categoryCategory definition for the information content of the saveframecodeyes
Sf_framecodeA label for the saveframe that describes in very brief terms the information contained in the saveframe.framecodeyes
Sf_IDAn interger value that is the unique identifier for the saveframe that applies across the archive. This value is not stable and may be reassigned each time the data are loaded into a database system.intyes
Std_values_source_cit_IDPointer to '_Citation.ID'int 
Std_values_source_cit_labelPointer to a saveframe of the category 'Citation.' this would be the citation for the method used to calculate standard hydrogen exchange rates used to determine the reported protection factors.framecode 
Text_dataA set of hydrogen protection factor data formatted as ASCII text.text 
Text_data_formatThe data format used to represent the hydrogen exchange protection factor data as ASCII text in the text block that is the value to the '_H_exch_protection_factor.Text_data' tag.line